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Ireon is one of the most famous spots in Samos. It is here according to Greek mythology, that goddess Hera was born and worshiped, as can be seen from the ruins of the famous ancient temple that was built and dedicated to her.

It is located at a distance of 8 km from Pythagorion. Its seaside village is considered one of the nicest parts of the island. Its ancient history and its architectural design are consistent with the traditional Greek island features and result in a nostalgic atmosphere that enchants every visitor. The ancient temple is undoubtedly the hot spot of the area. The ruins of the temple of Hera bear witness to a magnificent structure and justify Herodotus' judgement that the temple was one of the greatest in all of Greece and one of the most important structures of his time. It is a dipteral temple of Ionic rhythm and its construction is thought to be during the epoch of tyrant Polycrates 538-522B.C. It is believed that it consisted of 155 columns of four different sizes and shapes. The shrine of the temple is especially impressive and dates back to 560 BC. Another great monument of the temple is the Ancient Walkway. The road led to the city of Samos.

The Ancient Walkway was 5 km long and on either side one could see great buildings highlighting its importance. Excavations have brought to light very important findings that are currently displayed in the archaeological museum of the island. Ireon attracts sea lovers as it possesses a beautiful beach.

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